Gökçe Kula Kılınçalp

The talks with Jörgen I was always looking forward to. For my part the study hours were both instructive and joyful. I think we enjoyed a lot together, which is the focus of language learning.
I thank my friend, wholeheartedly!

Specialist doctor in Neurology - Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg/Sweden

Gökçe Kula Kılınçalp - Specialist in Neurology - Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Mustafa Albayrak

Hey! Having worked as a specialist in Turkey for 5 years, I now work at the University Hospital in Linköping. Before I got here I had to pass the language test for doctors and get the grade that shows that I can speak Swedish. On the way to Sweden, I have received a lot of help from Jörgen in various ways. We met at least twice a week for about 6 months and in this way, I learned to speak Swedish and have no problems at all to understand Svenska and to make myself understood here in Sweden.

Specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics- Jönköpings Hospital, Sweden

Mustafa Albayrak - Specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics - Jönköping Hospital - Sweden
Pelin Albayrak

Hey! Since May 2017 we have met on skype. I can easily notice my development in Swedish. Thanks to the conversation, I have also learned a lot about Swedish culture. This has made it easier for me to adapt to Sweden. In the language test, one must master patient-doctor role play and Jörgen is really good at that game. There he teaches many tips. In addition, he has a wide range of general knowledge, and this makes it easier to choose topics to discuss around.

Specialist in child neurology at the Jönköping Hospital, Sweden

Pelin Albayrak - Specialist in child neurology - Jönköping Hospital Sweden
Ruhi Durmuş

The Swedish conversations I made with Jörgen over Skype were very helpful in the development of my Swedish. Jorgen is knowledgeable, talkative and a good teacher. Our talk and his point of view of life are very impressive for me. I would recommend him to anyone interested.

Specialist doctor ear nose throat diseases in Karlstad, Sweden

Ruhi Durmuş - Specialist doctor ear nose throat - Karlstad Hospital - Sweden
Sertaç Topalhafızoğlu

I have been talking to Jörgen Lindberg about an hour a week for about three months. These conversations are a lot of fun and they are very helpful in improving my Swedish language. I would like to thank Jörgen for his sincerity and I would like to recommend him with all my sincerity.

Specialist doctor in Orthopedics at Umea University Hospital, Sweden

Sertaç Topalhafızoğlu - Specialist in Orthopedics - Umeå University Hospital - Sweden

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